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"When you act with compassion, you will never be wrong, it brings us together and creates understanding"


This is a Kick-ON® 

Company retreat, workshop, seminar, conference

When we give ourselves space and create an environment that makes us grow in precense, Kick-ON® gives new strength...

What we do on a Kick-ON® is that we give ourselves space and create an environment that makes us grow. Where our choices serve multiple purposes, to change outer reality, to bring us closer together, to bring new thoughts to the world and to grow and develop ourselves as human beings. The possibilities become endless.

-How do we communicate with ourselves and with others?        -How can we develop - by understanding our needs, linked to our emotions?                                                                    - How do we choose to take our own needs into account and at the same time continue to be part of the group?

To be curious about my own resources and to see my knowledge - is to choose a path and can be the beginning of something more ... look inside yourself for your leader. 

The eye needs to see expanses for the soul to come to rest.

Sometimes we may have to get away to get home and that journey does not always have to be that long. We tailor retreats for companies and staff groups. You contribute with your wishes and needs. We put together a personal retreat for your company and the purpose is to gather the working group to gather strength.

We have suggestions for beautiful places with functional premises and comfortable accommodation, either outside Stockholm, in Dalarna or Fårö. Three unique places at different distances depending on your wishes and needs. 

In each place we are close to nature and at the same time there are generous and purposeful spaces in an inspiring environment. A combined accommodation and shared meals provide the opportunity to create a meaningful and memorable experience in the group. We inspire collaboration, development and leadership.

Here is an example of what a program might look like during a 24 hour Kick-ON®

Day 1. 16.30 - 17.10 Installation, tea and sandwich 

17.15 - 19.10 Collection - work out in comfortable clothes and bring a pen notepad 

19:15. Dinner 20.30 Collection - evening session

22.00 Go night!

Day 2. 07.30 Soft awakening - gathering in silence

08.15 Breakfast

09.30 Collection in the courtyard - in comfortable clothes incl. outerwear

10.30 Tea and coffee

10.45 Gathering - morning session 

13.00 Lunch and rest

14:15. Collection - afternoon session

15.30 Tea and sandwich

16.00 The afternoon session continues - and ends 

17.00 24 hours Kick-ON® is over and it's time to leave

Feel free to come back for cost suggestions. 

Hope to see you!        

"Because you want to be close, but also come a long way."

"In every creative process, in every birth, in every opening of a new cycle of life, there is a time of vulnerability. This vulnerability is natural and appropriate. It is the foal learning to become steady on its legs. Those legs will become remarkably powerful in time, but the process of growth and maturity has to take place, and that requires some wobbly first attempts. It cannot be any other way. 

It might be something within you - a new behaviour, a new way of looking at yourself or a new way of being in the world - that you need to tend to until it becomes more natural for you to embody."

When we give ourselves space and create an environment that makes us grow, in precense, you are in a place where emotion, thought and action can go hand in hand. In your life.

Learning to stay is the basis for getting in touch with our natural warmth. It is also the basic for taking care of ourselves with empathy and compassion.

The basic alertness, the natural, the obvious creativity thats always there. This transparency is not something that we have to produce, figure out or generate.

No special effort is required for it to occur. It´s always available. "Precense is like the wind. If you open your doors and windows, it comes in. 

When we pause, when we come into contact with the energy of the moment, when we slow down and let a space arise, then the inherent openness comes to us. 

In our conversations, you will have the opportunity to deepen your relationships, both to yourself and to others. How can we be close to others without losing ourselves? How can we be individuals and at the same time members of a group?

  • Tools for own development
  • New perspectives and approaches
  • Deepened relationship with yourself and the group
  • Opportunity to take concrete steps

For body and soul to find peace, be alive and have fun! 

Make an appointment today!  

  • Coaching on the phone 90 min 
  • Coaching in the room 90 min 
  • Coaching in the nature 90 min 
  • Monday - Friday 08.00 -18.00

You can choose to meet individually or in groups. Physically, digitally or walk and talk in nature.

Hope to see you!        

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