We long for something more...

Today we are in the midst of the change in our old image of values and it is probably not an exaggeration, but rather a fact that the survival of a variety of species, ecosystems and perhaps even humanity itself depends on our ability to move on to higher forms of consciousness, and based on these collaborate in new ways. To repair our relationship with ourselves and the planet on which we live.

In the nature of change, part of the process itself is invisible to us. The place between what we knew and where we were going. When we are there it becomes easily shaky. We become insecure, have nothing to hold on to, and the feeling of powerlessness, uncertainty, feeling vulnerable and small without protection affects us. Fear and worry get so much room.

To this day, it has often seemed as if our identity, rather associated with our need to appear capable and successful, ready for the next promotion or progress. Issues of meaning and purpose have been given less space and the rational has been valued higher than anything else. Emotions, doubts and dreams we do best in keeping behind locks and booms, so that we do not make ourselves vulnerable.

We have almost never returned to that nourishing moment where we can appreciate the gifts of our lives and the freedom to breathe and be.

Empathy with ourselves and empathy with our surroundings.

When the conversation between us and people serves a higher purpose; it becomes an assurance that everyone feels that their contributions are fully valued, that the inner and outer perspectives - what I know and the other perceive, are synchronized. It is an exercise in openness, trust and vulnerability.

Questions about meaning and purpose become important. Our vision becomes important - so we know where we are going, even when there are winds or obstacles on the way, because it does. It lies in the nature of change and the movement of change occurs over and over. Because that is life itself.

Therefore, it´s not surprising that We, who have longed for soulful lives, organizations and communities is increasing day by day. 

"The intuitive thoughts is a sacred gift and the rational thought of a faithful servant. We have created a society that praises the servant and has forgotten the gift".

Albert Einsten