I’m the one you’ll meet...

I’m an entrepreneur since 1999 and co-owner of AM Kommunikation AB. I have extensive experience in communication and meeting people in different stages of life and situations. My passion for communication, leadership and creativity is also my guiding principle.

Leadership for me is about thinking "greater than" and a need to see that crises and conflicts are parts of life. When we find our purpose and follow it as our guiding light, it's also easier to know what to do in every new step.

My journey has been long, based on daring to stop! When my life was as most stressful my company coach told me to take a break and take a walk around the block. I looked at her and thought “– she is clearly not sane! How could she even suggest such a thing? She could never have heard nor understood anything about my life and situation despite all our hours of conversation that we have had.”

I lived in tempo that fast and my life such a treadmill that I couldn't even see how it would be possible for me to take a five minutes’ walk around my block. I ended up walking around my house, I think I maybe managed three laps.

Today, seventeen years later, it is important for me to remember that experience with love. To be reminded of how difficult it actually is to stop, pause and to give yourself space and room to breathe. We need to continually remind us to give ourselves that care and consideration.

Compassion with myself and others, to reconcile thoughts, words and actions. We need each other and we need each other’s ' support. When meeting with others we get a chance to reconsider our own truth and develop, interact and continue to be curious about life.

When we stop, we come to a place of reflection so that we in the next step are able to make decisions based on our needs in harmony with our environment. Decisions that become "greater than" and give us a direction. The full experience of who I am as a human being and who I am in a broader context, my potential.


About me

  • Maria Matilda 58 years
  • Mother to three adult adolescents
  • Entrepreneur 1999
  • UGL – Group and leader development 2003
  • Certified coach in Psychosynthesis 2009
  • Certified Dance Inspirator 2010
  • Groups in personal development, leadership, meditation, communication, mindfulness and movement.