The Kick-ON® is free from where it takes place, which means that it is just as good to start from where we are and with what we have, as to go away somewhere. Here, too, we start from the needs of the group and these needs can be changed over time.

We do have three great places to recommend. The Castle Gamla Stan in Stockholm, Vikarbyn in Dalarna at Backlunds boende and Gåsemora at Fårö

Our Kick-ON® are available in different time modules 3 hours, 24 hours, 3 days, 10 days and can be designed and combined freely, based on needs, opportunity and space for each individual group. The variations are endless. Here are examples of some combinations.

3 hours: We meet for three hours on a Friday in the middle of Stockholm

24 hours: A 24-hour Kick-ON® anywhere. Optional with a follow up of four occasions of three-hour sessions

3 days: A three days Kick-ON® “at home” or at one of our recommended places. Optional to combine with a following 24-hour Kick-ON® or three-hour sessions.

10 days: A ten days Kick-ON® “at home” or at one of our recommended places.

Below you can see an exemple of a 24 hours Kick-ON®. 







4.30 pm


Installation, tea and sandwich

5.15 pm


Gathering – session in comfortable clothes.  

7.15 pm



8.30 pm


Gathering – evening session

10.00 pm


Good Night!




Day 2



7.30 am


Soft wakening – gathering in silence

8.15 am



9.30 am


Gathering in he yard – in comfortable clothes for outdoor purposes

10.30 am


Tea och coffe

10.45 am


Gathering – morning session

1.00 pm


Lunch and rest

2.15 pm


Gathering – afternoon session

3.30 pm


Tea och sandwich

4.00 pm


Afternoon session continues and thereafter

5.00 pm


The company Kick-ON® is over and it’s time to leave




Please contact us for a meeting or a cost proposal.

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