Communication & Leadership

For You that want to evolve your communication and your leadership in a complex and constantly changing world.

For leaders and personnel groups in small and large companies, organisations, networks and politicians. 

What we can do is create environments that allow us to grow. Since the need for authentic leaders and individuals is greater today than ever in our society. Leaders who need to dare to rest in their trust and tolerance based on experience, knowledge and reflection – our personal ECG. Leaders who dare to take the leap by combining the power of rational thinking with the wisdom and integrity of intuition. Where we have access to our experiences, our knowledge and our ability to reflect, our own ECG.

In order to maintain our creativity and integrity in collaboration with others, we need to practice both leading and letting ourselves be lead. Independent and at the same time as part of the group, in order to grow in that role, we need to create a space that allows that movement. That is what gives us the foundation for tomorrow's organizations where a more organic way to evolve and a greater need to use our inherent creativity will be required.

Creativity is a quality that helps us find solutions and direction in complex contexts and stressful situations. The opportunity for variation and sensitivity in leadership becomes important for how we can keep up with the changes.

Where our choices serve multiple purposes, to change outer reality, to bring us closer together, to bring new thoughts to the world and to grow and develop ourselves as human beings. With a collective emerging purpose, a higher degree of self-organization and a more permissive holistic view of man in the role of employees in the organization. More perspectives and individual responsibility as an important part of the group's growing and well-being.

What we can do is to create environments that allow us to grow. Therefore are we offer a Kick-ON® where the gain is new energy and we build the content together. Through interaction, silence, conversation and reflection we create the dynamic that best supports the group's needs. It varies from each Kick-ON®…

  • We need to get our creativity started before a project and the Kick-ON® is a good start-up
  • We need to re-evaluate or deepen the organization's vision.
  • We need to come together to establish a common direction
  • We need to unwind and land after an intense time of work.
  • We are struggling with one or more obstacles and need to open up to new angles of approach.
  • We need to get together, have fun, create deeper relationships, do something new and different together.

The list of different starting points to create more space, creativity and broader perspectives in the organization can be made long, whether you are a leader or a personnal goup in a small company or come from a larger organization.

The Kick-ON® is based on experience and gives us space to stop, pause and take a step back. So a bigger picture and a broader perspective of the situation can emerge. The group gets a common starting point to take off on.

Before we start we need to have a meeting to scan the organization’s requirements and needs as to understand what to focus on.



"The core of all organizations is a self that aims for new opportunities"

Margaret J. Wheatley and Myron Kellner-Rogers